Dr. Oren Sigal

Dr. Oren Sigal Profile

Senior Lecturer

Room : 37/220
Phone : 086477869
Email : orensi@bgu.ac.il
Homepage : https://sites.google.com/site/sigal3/
Fax :
Box Number : 75
Office Hours : Sunday 10.00-12.00

Research groups:
Cyber Security:Cryptocurrencies
Cyber Security:Social Network Analysis
Interdisciplinary Research:Network Science
Theory of Computer Science:Algorithmic Game Theory
Theory of Computer Science:Algorithms
Teaching (last two years):
Spring 2019: Advanced Seminar B
Spring 2019: Advanced Seminar D
Spring 2019: Discrete Structures and Combinatorics
Spring 2019: Approximation Algorithms
Fall 2019: Games, Economics and Algorithms
Spring 2018: Discrete Structures and Combinatorics
Spring 2018: Topics on Economics and Computation
Fall 2018: Games, Economics and Algorithms